If you are making frequent phone calls from your mobile to international numbers then you will already be aware of the extortionate rates mobile phone providers can often charge for these calls. Whether you need to make calls abroad to speak to business contacts or to keep in touch with family and friends, you may find yourself shocked at how much it is costing you.

But there is a better way..

Call apps

Call apps offer fantastic low rates for international calls that are drastically cheaper than many mobile phone providers. By using the latest in VOIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, call apps use an internet connection instead of standard telephone lines to route your call from wherever you are in the world, to wherever in the world you want to call.

Stepping away from traditional mobile phone providers and with may call apps offering zero connection fees; making international calls through a call app can save you large amounts of money. Compared to many of the big UK mobile phone providers, call apps often charge less than half to price for the same quality phone call.

O2 international call costs

For example, if you are with O2 as your mobile provide, and as the biggest mobile provider in the UK- many people are, a call to Australia will cost you a whopping £1.50 per minute. Add the connection fee on top and that is quite the expensive phone call. Call apps, such as Foocall, will charge you just 2.5p per minute for the same call to Australia.

Many companies have many business contacts in parts of Asia such as India and Pakistan and will therefore need to make frequent calls to these areas. O2 will charge mobile users £1.50 per minute for a call to India and the same for a call to Pakistan. On the other hand, call apps will charge as little as 1.2p per minute for a mobile call to India and 3.4p per minute for a call to Pakistan. The savings to be made are huge.

Similarly O2 will charge their mobile customers the same £1.50 per minute if they choose to make an international call to Poland but call app customers will be charged as little as 1.4p per minute for the same call.

We have used O2 here as an example as they are the UK’s biggest mobile phone provider with millions of customers all over the country. However, most of the big mobile providers have similarly high international call rates per minute, all of which are almost ten times more expensive than using a call app.

Numbers don’t lie

The numbers speak for themselves. There are huge savings to be made by using a call app to make international mobile phone calls instead of using your standard mobile phone provider. Not only will you be saving money with drastically cheaper rates per minute, but also if you shop around you can find call apps, which do not charge connection fees. Most of the mobile phone providers will charge this connection fee on top of their high call rates, making the cost of an international call from your mobile even more expensive.

Businesses and individuals alike can save a lot of money by switching to a call app to make your international calls. With people being much more connected now than ever before there is a greater demand for international call packages with people travelling all over the world to work and study. Don’t be tied down with high call rate from your provider; download a call app today and start saving money today.