This great screencast created and recorded by Chris Coyier will help you understand more when it comes to creating workflow as a web designer. You will know about some very easy to do tricks that will make your life much easier when doing web design tasks. First of all Chris will show you few slides that will show the first steps that should be taken while working on the project. The first slide will highlight the Game flow, which means you will be able to learn what we should actually do at the beginning of the process, after all, we need to start at some point right?

The second step is to actually sort your local environment, which means you should know where you will work from now on. The third step is to understand that working as a team is easier (however you can do it all on your own, no problem). Then the next step is to actually preprocess and finally evaluate your performance (because it is part of the workflow) and then test.

This video will help you create your website in less than one hour and a half. You will have Chris help you design your site with the easy help of Photoshop with Javascript, CSS and also HTML(although some people do not like to do so). You will be taught to have it all working with the perfect flow that you both need and deserve after so much hard work! Creating a site was never this quick before! Enjoy the ride and have fun!

Video: CSS-Tricks Screencast #124: A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow
(YouTube Release:  May 20, 2013)

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