Have you ever imagined being able to create a membership website without having to deal with any code? This certainly sounds very attractive. To make things even nicer, have you ever imagined you would be able to create such site without any codes and in less than 2 hours? It might sound impossible, however Tyler Moore will teach you how on this clear video. You will be able to create your very own membership website from your home PC, Macintosh or even Linux. The website will be 100% compatible with the latest mobile/ tablet technologies, which will allow people to see the site from their Android or even Apple devices.

You will be able to have everything a really professional website has without having to deal with all the hassle that programming brings. You will have a perfectly professional homepage, contact page, Video page (where you will learn how to embed videos from YouTube), Free Trial page, search boxes and much more. You will learn in a very light and straight way how to create a page that has a login and password area that your members will have to fill in. Although this might sound impossible to create without any code, it is more than possible! All you will need is a computer and patience!

Tyler Moore will also teach us how to add a Free Trial feature to your WordPress sites that will allow the public to give your website a try before actually paying to become a member. You must be wondering how to be able to create such an incredible website without the need to use programming right? The answer is very nice! All you will need is a PC and some time!. You will definitely be able to have your site up and running in less than 2 hours! Enjoy!

Video: Create a Membership Website – No Coding!
(YouTube Release: Sep 20, 2012)

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