Once again Tyler Moore creates a very interesting video where he teaches people how to make money through pictures. The video will help you learn the step by step on how to make money in less than 2 hours! The video is not going to be about how to take pictures actually, but how to make some profit out of them. It’s a great video that will show you how to create your very own photography website and also learn how to bring in costumers to your brand new website.

You will learn how to create a neat website that will show your picture portfolio in a very techy way. You will also have a sliding menu where you will find basic information regarding yourself, such as about page, home page, gallery, store, blog, client page and of course a contact us page. You will be able to make some cash thanks to the store page. There you will learn how to create a page where you will show your products and have people order them. Even if you are not into this world, you will certainly be able to learn how to create the site and then adapt it to your very own field. It is easy and will not cost you a single penny. You will also be able to have people leave a comment to your pictures and site in general!

It is also amazing that you will have your business’s very own blog where you will see how people are coping with your content. This is very important for businesses nowadays because people would like to stay more and more connected to their idols. Are you ready to become a photography idol as well? Tyler Moore will help!

Video: Create a Photography Website & Make Money!!
(YouTube Release: Aug 23, 2012)

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