Recorded at the end of 2008, this incredible video is still very useful for people who need some help while trying to set up some details when it comes to servers, domains and hosting general issues. Chris Coyier once again brought to us this very useful video that in a quick (less than one hour and a half hours) will teach us how to deal with these tricky details that often make people spend hours and hours trying to fix. There is no need to worry though, everything is explained, showed and also video released for you to see as many times as you need. The tips shared on this video are of extreme importance, especially for people who are not very familiar with certain details when creating a site.

Most web designers are not very used to dealing with hosting, domain names and settings or even with server setup stuff, that is why this interesting video tutorial was created. The video will show a complete step by step on screencast. Chris will show a real life example of how the whole process should be done. With the use of a domain purchased on Go Daddy, Chris will show us how to point it to Media Temple hosting and later how to have the email handling straight to Google Apps! Thanks to this video you will certainly be able to have it done yourself in the blink of an eye, after all it is simply impossible to know everything, especially when the subject is creating websites all over the web. Chris also has several other videos that will be able to aim people when creating sites! Make sure you check them out! You will certainly be able to solve your issue in the blink of an eye! Enjoy it!

Video: CSS-Tricks Screencast #46: Domains, DNS, Hosting and Google App
(YouTube Release: Jul 24, 2012)

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