Blogging has become incredibly popular online, with blogs existing for both personal use as well as for businesses to use to advertise their company. For businesses creating a blog is a fairly simple process, since businesses will have the resources to hire a professional web designer to create their blog, and have a team to constantly manage the blog and keep everything up to date. Creating a personal blog has become much easier though, as detailed by YouTube user Tyler Moore in his introductory video, How To Make a Blog, which can be found here. Tyler specifically focuses on what the top successful blogs are doing, and how easy it is for new bloggers to replicate those steps.

Introduction to Blogging

Tyler highlights right away at the start of his video some of the common features that he wants to teach users. These include uploading pictures to a blog and general customization to make it easier to navigate the blog by creating different subsections. Tyler also mentions embedding ads into blogs, something that most new bloggers probably aren’t going to think about.

Making Money off a Blog

Most people know that blogging can make money, but usually new bloggers aren’t going to understand how, just that it is popularity based. To an extent this is true, but blogs don’t just generate money because they are getting views, they get money because those viewers are seeing the advertisements on their page. Any blog can have embedded ads, though Tyler does point out that ads don’t always generate a great deal of money, with some ad views only being worth a measly five cents.


Tyler mentions creating subsections, usually just for splitting up blog posts to make it easier on the reader to find what they are looking for. There is one special section though that he mentions known as the contact section. This usually has a small blurb about the owner of the blog, and details where they can be contacted. What is useful about the contact section is that it can be set up to send the comment to the email, but not actually give the person writing it the owners email address, giving them a much needed level of privacy without cutting them off from contacting their readers.

Video: How To Make a Blog – Step by Step for Beginners!
(YouTube Release: Jun 9, 2012)

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