Hosted by Chris Coyier this interesting screencast that shows us a few tips on how we are able to easily enhance the visual effects of our pages without having to break a sweat! The video is shorter than one hour and will show a step by step on how we can improve the looks of a page. All latest web browsers provide us the chance to enjoy such nice enhancements, therefore it is important for a web designer to think of all of the details. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a special language that gives HTML pages the chance to look even nicer than what they can already look. CSS3 can add many special effects to a HTML page, effects which could never be created only by previous versions of CSS.

This screencast will help you understand most of the new CSS3 techniques that can be done to HTML pages, which means you will learn in less than one hour how to improve your site’s quality using CSS3! The screencast will give extra attention to the old CSS techniques that can receive enhancements over time and that can be updated. Some of the great features that you will learn are:

  • Gradients
  • Border details
  • Front-face
  • Animations in general
  • Transitions in general
  • Text and shadow
  • Box and shadow
  • Backgrounds and multiple backgrounds
  • RGB
  • Image borders and much more

Although the video was first released on YouTube back in 2012 it is still very useful for everyone that would like to create a high quality website. Instead of wasting hours on researching on the web, learn this step by step that show you real examples of how it can be done. You will learn with all the speed and easiness that you both need and deserve.

Video: Screencast #57: Using CSS3
(YouTube Release: Jan 2, 2012)

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