website analysisIn this article, I would like to share some of my favorite website development tools with you.

Here, there is a list of useful, free and online tools to evaluate your website in terms of different criteria. I hope these will help you in your web development efforts.


Code Validation

It is a markup validation service. You can test your web documents against W3C standards.

It is a CSS validation service. It will search for errors in your style sheets.

It is a feed validation service. You can check the syntax of your RSS or Atom files.


Cross-Browser Compatibility

It will give you screenshots of your website in different operation systems and different browsers.


Search Engine Optimization

It will grade your website in terms of creating content, optimization, website promotion and conversion.

It is a website analysis tool. It will evaluate your website regarding a lot of criteria.


Backlink Checker

It has limited free use, but it is useful to see your backlinks with their respective authority on the Internet.


Broken Link Checker

This tool will help you to identify your broken links.


Website Value Calculator

It will calculate the worth of your website. You can also find various statistics like number of visits, pageviews, ad prices and earnings of any given website or blog. (By the way, this is our project, I recommend it.)


PageRank Prediction

It estimates the future PageRank values. It is always fun to predict the future.


Feedback From Search Engines

This is one of the most useful tools on the planet. Try it.

Yahoo provides feedback for webmasters. (Reminder: Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools have started to cooperate by sharing their search data.)

Bing publishes useful information for webmasters. (Reminder: Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools have started to cooperate by sharing their search data.)



This is a great tool from Google Labs. It will evaluate the speed of your web pages.

You can check your website performance from multiple locations around the world.


Web Page Security

Websites with SQL based databases can be exposed to attacks; this tool checks if a web page is vulnerable or not.


Whois Lookup

You can search domain ownership records in this tool.


Compatibility With Mobile Phones

This tool tests your web pages for mobile-readiness.


My Tool: Reputation Checker

Yes, it is Google. For example, google this:



For starters, meaning of this query is search for “” -exactly same phrase-, but do not include pages in the search results.

By this way, you can see which sites are talking about you or linking to you without using any programs.

Also, on the left side, click “show search tools” > “past month” or “past week” to filter your search.

For further use, go to Google Alerts, and set an alert with this search, then receive email when new results exist.


Other Tools

I will try to use, bookmark and share this kind of useful tools in the future. Follow our magazine for additional tools.

Thanks for reading!
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