Even decades after its debut, the Internet continues to be a booming source of professional opportunities. This rings true for the marketing profession, which turns more and more frequently to the Internet as a tool for success. If you’re looking to learn more about how to effectively use the Web, consider enrolling in a college course – or even a certificate program – to brush up on your marketing 2.0 skills.

Keep in mind that some courses listed require applying to and enrolling in the university, and may even require lower-level pre-requisite classes.

Globe University

This brick-and-mortar university in Minnesota offers on-campus and online courses from its School of Business, including Internet marketing, which is worth four credits. The website describes this course as providing an overview of various Internet marketing strategies. The school also offers courses in Internet marketing, social media, and, of course, basic marketing technique.

Ashworth College

This online-only school offers an Internet marketing training course that aims to lay the foundation for a successful career in e-commerce. The course consists of 11 lessons that you can complete at your own pace; they focus on key topics such as elements of a successful advertising campaign, tools for marketing, and user-friendly web designer.

UC Berkeley Extension

As part of its certificate program in marketing, UC Berkeley Extension offers a course called “Strategic Marketing 2.0 – Social Media and Other Innovative Technologies.” It focuses on mastering the next generation of strategic marketing planning and tactics by using the newest media channels and technologies.

internet marketing courses
An Internet marketing course can fill your head with tons of ideas.

Hondros College of Business

If you’re looking for a full-fledged program to jump start your career, Hondros College of Business offers an online marketing specialist program designed for business owners to learn more about digital marketing skills. The college also offers certification packages. The courses, which are all online and self-paced, include Facebook marketing, the fundamentals of Internet marketing for small businesses, search engine optimization, and Web analytics. There are 13 courses total.

University of California Irvine Extension

Choose one of three related Internet marketing courses at University of California Irvine Extension. The most basic, overview of Internet marketing, is targeted toward business people and marketers who want to learn more about the value of Internet marketing. Other courses include email marketing, which offers the tools needed to optimize your email campaigns, as well as social media and Internet audience profiling, which will help you identify the social media applications and strategies to reach your intended audience.

Benedictine University

Another full-fledged Internet marketing certification program is offered entirely online by Benedictine University. If you’re interested in obtaining an MBA, these courses can fold into that program, as well. Classes offered include social media marketing, online advertising, Web analytics, and search engine optimization.

Although the digital world is changing rapidly, you don’t have to feel like marketing opportunities are passing you by. A refresher course – or an entire certification program – might be just the ticket to seizing those opportunities and making the most of your business.

Kelsey Castle is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in marketing strategies for business careers. She has a degree in journalism from a Big 10 university.

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