Over the last few years AddThis has won millions of hearts and become the #1 choice for webmasters when it comes to adding social sharing options to a website. AddThis provides you with some of the coolest social sharing features for free that include adding prominent share buttons to posts and pages, integrating smart layers etc. Though all the basic features of AddThis will still remain free, recently the company has launched the pro version of their product to offer more personalized services to their users.

AddThis has a highly developed platform which is able to store personalized social browsing data and leverage the information contained in their huge social indicator database. With AddThis Pro you will be now able to make the most out of the personalized data that AddThis collects. Besides this, Addthis Pro comes with other exciting features as well. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits that you can get with their pro version.

Interact with your target audience like a pro!

With AddThis Pro you can truly enhance the user engagement ratio of your website or blog. It will help your visitors easily find the contents on your site that they like most. Making a great first impression is always important. New pro version will provide you with options to display personalized messages and contents to the visitors when they arrive on your site for the first time. People are getting busier and busier on the web. So your strategy should be showing the right content to the right people within the shortest time possible. And that’s where this new tool can be extremely helpful. The paid version will introduce you to a nice little innovative tool called “Content Drawer”. With this tool you will be able to automatically show most relevant contents to your visitors. See picture below.


Make the Most Out of Your Sidebars

Every web publisher knows how sidebars can play a role to display additional useful content to the visitors. AddThis Pro will make it even easier for them. Now they can modify the contents of their sidebar without making any coding changes. Even a novice web publisher can experiment with different sidebars such as footer sidebar, content sidebar, sharing sidebar etc.

Powerful Social Analytics

Probably this is one of the most attractive features of the pro version. It allows pro users to see and analyze how much traffic they are getting from social shares, which sidebars and tools are performing well and which contents are most popular with the website visitors. This unique feature will definitely help web publishers plan more effectively and publish more user friendly contents on their sites.


Easy to Use Backend

AddThis Pro comes with a wonderfully designed and well organized backend that you will simply love. The modern sleek design of the backend user interface is a delight to watch and you can do almost everything with a single click or two. No coding knowledge is required. You can manage all the sidebars and tools using this visual interface.


Simple and Easy Integration

The pro version is not only easy to use but also easy to integrate. Whether you have a CMS based site or not, AddThis Pro is always easy to install. All you need to do is follow some simple steps that can be found at AddThis official website. In order to activate the widgets and other tools, almost in all cases you just need to copy paste a single piece of code! So non-coders are most welcome to use AddThis Pro!

Post Recommendation Feature

Suppose you have a timely post or page that you want to recommend to your visitors in a unique manner. With AddThis Pro you can do it very easily using the visual dashboard. Simply set that post as a “Recommended Post” and your post will be displayed in the recommended content widget area.


Case Study

Cool Rental Guide offers vacation rental services throughout Europe. They had been using AddThis free version as their social sharing solution for years. Then they began to use the pro version and saw significant increase in their overall pageviews and social shares. They integrated Content Drawer/Footer, Welcome Bar, mobile sharing buttons + Smart Layers into their site and their social shares increased by 140%!
You can see the detailed case study on AddThis blog: Cool Rental Guide AddThis Blog Case Study

Another case study shows that Merchtable, a company that helps artists and entertainers create and sell merchandise in their own online stores, saw 41% boost in pageviews and 25% boost in sales when they integrated AddThis Pro into their site.

See the original case study here: MerchTable AddThis Case Study

Bonus: AddThis Pro Video!

AddThis has published a nice video on YouTube featuring their pro version. You can watch this here:
Video: Introducing AddThis Pro
(YouTube Release: Feb 12, 2014)

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