Since the early days of the internet businesses have been able to take advantage of the many benefits offered by email. Emailing is just one of the best ways to exchange information because it doesn’t require a direct line of communication and allows one person to give information to a large number of parties at once. In the workplace, this is great for informing employees about company wide changes or any upcoming meetings. Businesses are able to do more with emails though then just communicate with their own employees. When combined with a company website, emails can turn into great advertising tools.

Email Advertising

The practice behind email advertising/email marketing is very simple. Basically, a company will have an option on a website that allows for their customers to sign up with that website and receive email notifications. From there, they can be placed on an email group by the company, allowing them to send out any advertisements to any customers that are in the group. Companies can go above and beyond and create different categories within the group. For example, when initially signing up to the site there can be several different options for how emails can be received. Some companies will offer an option to just receive emails about any upcoming sales or specials, while another option is for sales and specials, but also just for general newsletters. Some companies also like to offer email options for any upcoming products or services, so their customers have a bit of time to save up once it does come out. Depending on the business, it might not be necessary to offer any options beyond just receiving sales information.

Advantages of Email Advertising

Email advertising has many obvious strengths, with the biggest one being how easy it is to communicate with a large number of customers at once. Signing up for email notifications is a simple process, usually just requiring a customer to input their email address. One of the ways to give customers an incentive to sign up is to offer special deals or savings that come specifically with emails. These are usually product codes that give small discounts or a special one time coupon that can be used. Email advertising is easy on the company side of things because it doesn’t take much time to draft up emails.

Companies do need to be careful that they don’t overload their customers with too many emails, otherwise the customers are just going to get frustrated and stop reading the emails. In addition to that, the emails shouldn’t be too lengthy otherwise the customers will lose interest, especially if it seems like the email isn’t going to benefit them in any way. That’s part of the reason why it is so popular to just use emails to talk about sales and specials, things that directly relate and will interest customers.

Disadvantages of Email Advertising

The biggest disadvantage of email advertising is that there’s really no way to ensure that customers are actually reading the emails. It isn’t unusual for customers to have throw away email addresses that they use just for signing up with sites, plus they don’t even have to sign up for the emails to begin with. Even when sites make this a requirement to use certain features on that website, there’s no guarantee the customers won’t just mark the emails as spam.

With how easy it is to set up email newsletters though there really isn’t a strong argument that can be made for a company not to offer the option. Little time is lost by creating the emails themselves, and even if all the customers aren’t looking at the emails, at least some of them will be, especially when companies provide the right incentives.

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