or phpWeb developers use many programming languages to develop Web applications.  They are often in dilemma which language PHP or ASP.NET to use for developing the Web based applications.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source server-side scripting language which is designed to produce web pages and web based applications. PHP is the first programming language which does not need to call external file to process data; instead it is embedded into an HTML source document. It can be deployed on various web servers, operating systems and platforms and can be used with various RDBMS.

On the other hand, ASP.NET is inherited from Microsoft’s Active server pages (ASP) which is based on .NET framework to provide the web development using an event-driven GUI model instead of the web-scripting environment provided by PHP. ASP.NET is a server-side web application frame work which allows programmer to create dynamic web pages. It allows programmers to write ASP.NET code by using other supported .NET languages as it is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR). ASP.NET is developed and supported by Microsoft. It can be coded using languages that can be compiled to .NET intermediate Language.

Pros and cons of both the languages based on the following parameters.

  • Development Cost

Cost of development in ASP.NET is higher than that of PHP. Languages which help to create ASP.NET pages are provided free by Microsoft but they need to be run on Windows IIS server, which is not free. Additional licences for using additional servers are required. Whereas PHP is an open source language which runs on freely available Linux based servers. ASP.Net uses Rapid Application Development model which helps in faster development of pages. Faster development of large applications brings down the cost of development. Whereas PHP may be more cost efficient for smaller applications or for building websites. Compilation, deployment, and execution of ASP.NET take more time than that of PHP pages.

  • Speed and efficiency

Which programming language is faster, its PHP or ASP.NET? ASP.NET contains more code to execute the ASP.NET page than the PHP page. Speed of execution of ASP.NET is less than that of PHP as it contains more codes for the same functionality and also takes much more memory.

  • Security

PHP works on Apache which provides more speed, reliability and security. Alternatively, ASP.NET runs on IIS server and is vulnerable to security threats.

  • Support and additional resources

As ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft it is regularly updated by planned improvement and development which helps to rectify bugs and troubleshooting issues. Large community helps to develop and maintain PHP as it is an open source product. Planned development and improvement is not possible in PHP but various communities and forums can help to solve problems. Large number of developers creates much more plugins and third party applications to help Web page development.

Which programming language is better PHP or ASP.NET? Both the languages are equally useful. They both have their own pros and cons and it depends on the type of application that needs to be developed. PHP may be useful for small applications, whereas ASP.NET may be useful for larger ones. The debate can go on and on but they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

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