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I am Rupak Som, a freelance copywriter from India. I work as a full time freelance copywriter in Odesk.com

How to Check SEO Keyword Competition

Keywords are used to attract customers from various sites through backlinks. It is obvious that all businesses must be using their own keywords to increase the traffic to their website, there arises keyword competition among the competitors. Main reasons behind [...]

How to Deal with Panda, Penguin and Other Google Algorithm Changes

Everything evolves over time. If someone need to survive, he should adapt to the changes. The same concept goes with Google Algorithm. Thus, in an average year Google makes near about 500 algorithms changes. These changes are basically done, to [...]

How to Use Squidoo to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Squidoo is something that you shouldn't ignore while doing marketing on the internet. It can be used as a classified content based marketing tool. It can play an important role in the marketing plan of start up companies as well [...]

Importance of Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the specific words which internet users type in the search boxes of a search engine to get their desired information. Keyword Optimization is the proper selection of words to drive targeted traffic from search engines to your website. [...]