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What Makes a Website “Safe”?

The Internet has opened the world to connections in every corner of the globe. But as happens with every good invention, there are humans who abuse a great technology for personal gain, financial success, or worse yet, to bully and [...]

Instagram – Is It Turning Everyone into a “Photographer”?

Being a single parent isn't easy, so I often help out a single friend who has a great kid. Camille is a fun, intelligent, talented teen who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina in New York, or if that fails, [...]

Utilizing SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Daycare Business Website

Daycare has become a competitive industry, and increasing numbers of savvy daycare providers use online marketing to reach prospective parents through Internet searches. You can be sure your daycare's website will be at the top of search engine page rankings [...]

Linkbuilding with Guest Blog Posts

In recent updates, Google and other search engines have cracked down on the excessive use of links to build page rank. Link "farms" that many webmasters thought were under the Google radar have been tagged as not complying with Google [...]