Pretty much everyone has already heard of a great app designed for iPhones and iPads called Basecamp. For those who still have no idea of what Basecamp is all about, then here goes a clue: The Basecamp app allows you to plan and organize your projects. You will be able to manage everything, from sheets to goals! More than 8000 projects have been already successfully done with the help of Basecamp.

The tool is easy to use and is also perfect for those who do not have lots of time to waste! And the next greatest thing about it is that you will be able to combine the Basecamp iphone app with several other apps! This will allow you and your coworkers to have even nicer results while using the Basecamp app. Let’s take a look at some of these extra apps and their potential!

  • enRoute – This app is perfect for those who do not have an Apple device. You can download this and then start using all of the greatest features of Basecamp on your Windows device.
  • Happy Path – This application is 100% compatible with the Basecamp app for Apple devices. If you get this app you will be able to access your Basecamp information from any mobile device, including the ones that were not made by Apple.
  • Bivouac – This great app allows you and your team to keep your projects up to date while using the Basecamp platform. Instead of having to log on your Basecamp page all the time, you can simply open the Bivouac app and then tick away the things that you have already done. As soon as you do that, your coworkers will be updated. Very easy to use and perfect for those who are on the go!
  • Headquarters – This app can be downloaded from your Mac OS machine whenever you like! You will be able to view and update all of your activities on Basecamp. You will never miss a thing if you use this great desktop app for Macs!
  • Up – With this useful app, you will be able to deal with your Basecamp Next to -dos in a much nicer way. This app works with the newest version of Basecamp. You can easily administrate what is assigned to you in the blink of an eye.
  • UpcomingTasks – With this app you will easily be able to access and administrate your Basecamp tasks. You can have it 100% updated at all times, even if you are away from your desktop.
  • Feeds – available on the Mac app market this app will help you stay up to date with everything that happens on your Basecamp app! Regardless of where you are you will never miss a thing that happens with your projects.
  • Everest – Would you like to have the great features of Basecamp on your Android powered phone? With the Everest app for Android it is now possible! Thanks to this great app, you will be able to keep track of all of your projects, just like Basecamp would help you!
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