best free FTP client programWhen it comes to searching for software on the Internet, one of the worst words to use in a search is the word ‘Free’. If you make a search like this for any particular software, you might get a few downloadable programs that are free, but you will probably be directed to many more sites that do not really offer a free download. They allow you to get a trial or they allow you to get a part of what you need for free, but at some point these sites are going to find a way to get some money out of you. When it comes to file transfer protocol (FTP), you will find some that are truly free and others that are not a very good deal. In order to find the best FTP client programs that are for Windows and Linux and that are truly free, it is better to seek the advice of someone who has gone out and done the legwork for you. The final choice you make will depend on what type of FTP client you are looking for and how you intend to use it.

Filezilla –This is a free download that is easy to find. One of the things that makes it the best FTP client for some people to use is the eased of finding it. When you do a search for the free downloads on the major search engines this one will often appear near the top of the results. It is considered to be an open source software. It can be downloaded as a Windows and a Linux FTP client program or server. It does have some negatives. It can only be used to upload files in WordPress as a self-hosted server. You will not be able to use the web interface with WordPress.

Free FTP –This is one of the best FTP client software is very good because of its ease of use. It takes you through the steps of uploading your files in a manner that is easy to understand. It is very easy to connect to the server that you want with the click of a mouse and the same can be said about uploading files. What is not convenient about the software is the lack of information that is provided as you are uploading. It does not show you the progress of an upload as you are using it.

Core-FTP –What makes this one of the best FTP client programs to choose from is that there are both a free version and a version that they charge for. Many people will get everything they need out of the free version and will not find a need to get anything more. The paid version is may be something that you will find very useful when you want to do real professional task with the software.

These three programs offer different options and functionality and can all be considered among the best FTP client programs that people are looking for. To decide which is the best windows and Linux FTP client software for your purpose, you need to learn how each one works. Because they are free downloads, if you choose one that is not working for you, there is no harm on trying another one.

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