Taking ownership of your high quality web content is important in the success of your online marketing strategies. Google takes note of your rank as an author, so increasing your Author Rank is becoming an important part of SEO. You should understand the way that Google’s Author Rank works and write thoughtfully to implement a good content strategy.

Google’s trends tools and keyword search will help you to find the keywords that you should include to build your rank. You should also remember to publish your own unique content frequently on at least a weekly basis to ensure that your ranking stays high and that your content remains current. Finally, remember that your value as an author is increased when you add something that is unique and that answers the questions that your audience has. Your article and post titles should reflect the kinds of things that your target audience is searching for.


Proving that you are the author of your work is a key factor to building your Author Rank. You need to be able to tell the search engines that your work belongs to you. The way that you can do this is to register with Google+. This is a community that allows you to claim ownership of the content that you create. Being registered as a user of Google+ will ensure that you are recognized in search results.

Make the most of Google+

Building a network on Google+ will ensure that you can keep in touch with other Authors. Choose Authors with high rankings as this will help to increase your own Author Rank.

Becoming a regular poster in online Google communities will help you to find other high-ranking authors. Commenting on posts and using the +1 button will help you to connect with those higher ranked authors. Add the +1 button to your own site too as this will allow others to rank your content.


You should ensure that your content is of the highest possible quality. It is not sufficient to simply write a block of meaningless text and then implement a few keywords. You should have interesting and relevant content. Whilst keywords may help your site to be picked up in search results, it is the content of your site that will bring your visitors back. Interesting and unusual content is also far more likely to be shared too. Having your content shared by your audience will help draw in more visitors and increase your Author Rank.

Stay on topic

You should choose one area of interest and stick to it. This will ensure that your keywords are all centered on the same topic, and having lots of content about the same subject will ensure that your site remains at the top of the search results. Writing about the same topic frequently will help build your Author Rank in Google.

Google’s new Author Ranking tool ultimately is in place to encourage authors to build their own reputation and discourages spammers from flooding the search engines with useless and generic content.

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