bing webmaster toolsThis article speaks about the Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) account. If you do not have an account you should get one. There is no better time. This tool helps webmasters by providing them with very relevant data to use and increase their SEO potential for the site. It’s free!

How to check the data for a particular site

It’s easy! The user needs to log into the Bing webmaster Tools webpage and enter the URL of the website and click “ADD”. A dashboard page will be displayed where a thumbnail of every page of the URL will be displayed where a note will ask for site verification. Click the “Verify Now” button. Bing offers different ways of verification.

XML File Verification

Using this option a file “BingSiteAuth.xml” which will have an automatically entry keyed to the account will need to be downloaded. This file has to be placed in the site’s root directory and verified by clicking the “Verify now” button.

Meta Tag Verification

This option a line of provided code will need to be placed in the <head> of the sites home page and verified by clicking the “Verify now” button.

DNS Verification

Compared to the other 2 options this way of verification is more technical. But if the user only has access to the hosting solution and is not able to either access the root directory or the head, this is the only option. In this procedure a CNAME record will need to be added with the name to the The instructions for the major popular hosting solutions are available which need to be followed and verified by clicking the “Verify Now” button.


If the webmaster clicks on the site, it will display a dashboard which contains critical information. Here, detailed information regarding the number of clicks, impressions, crawl errors, pages crawled and indexed are shown.

It also shows information about the traffic and detailed information about the sitemap data. It also shows the data analysis in a monthly trend.

Configure My Site

When this tab is clicked, it shows a dashboard for the items that might be affected while configuring the site. The sub-tabs show more detailed information and allow changes where ever required.


This is the tab where new sitemaps can be submitted and get information regarding the error and success rates of the sitemap.

Ignore URL Parameters

There is a feature where the Bing Crawler can be instructed to ignore the URL parameters which have no impact on the page content. This method was developed to avoid duplicacy of content under different URL’s.

The other option is the use of canonical tags with which the URL’s will be normalized.

Crawl Control

Bing has a feature where the crawling pattern can be customized to a time when the traffic is the least. The options are either a list of default ones or a suggested user time for crawling.

To conclude, there are various other options in the Bing Webmasters such as Deep links, Block URL’s, Disavow links, users, reports and data, etc. which are included which can help get details regarding the site as sought by the webmaster as desired.

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