Many factors go into developing and maintaining a successful blog. Solid, engaging material that’s produced with consistency will help a blogger attract subscribers, but he or she must do more than that to keep those followers.

Believe it or not, a blogger’s online reputation plays a vital role in whether or not the blog continues rising in popularity or die a quick and painful death. There are obvious and not-so-obvious ways to monitor an online reputation. Read on to learn how to do it.

Tips for Bloggers to Monitor Online Reputation

  • Choose What Needs Monitoring.To monitor successfully, the blogger has to know what he or she is looking out for. Should attention be paid to media mentions, comments, and complaints from blog subscribers; what the competition is saying; or social media mentions? All or some of these factors will play a role in the blogger’s success and maintenance of a good reputation.
  • Know the Audience.Choosing what or who needs to be monitored helps the blogger identify his or her audience. The audience consists of more than the blog subscribers. People who are exposed to the blog or excerpts via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media venues are also part of the audience. To avoid offending and turning off consumers, the blogger must know the audience and write with them in mind.
  • Include Automated and Professional Monitoring.It’s impossible for one person to monitor every website and social media venue, but automated monitoring or professional monitoring can help the blogger maintain his or her online reputation.
  • Create an Action and Response Plan.Even the best laid plans aren’t always perfect, and there’s a risk that bad feedback or rumors can still impact a blogger’s online reputation. In the event this happens, it’s smart for a blogger to have an action plan in place. This can help him or her address a problematic situation to ensure that everyone experiences a satisfying outcome.
  • Remain Engaged with Blog Subscribers.A proactive way to avoid reputation problems is to remain engaged in conversation with blog subscribers and visitors. Encourage comments with questions or prompts, and always respond to keep the conversation going.

Spend time each day monitoring your online reputation by checking social media venues and blog subscriber comments.

A Daily Effort

Reputation monitoring isn’t something one can do on random occasions whenever the mood strikes. It must become a daily habit to maintain a good reputation. A lapse in this can result in missing a minor issue that could have been easily solved. But, with time, minor issues affecting a blogger’s reputation can grow quickly, fueled by rumors or exposure on the internet.

Following these tips can help bloggers maintain the positive, professional reputation they’ve worked hard to build. Casual bloggers may not be concerned about reputation, but those who blog for business must put it at the top of their list. The way consumers view a blogger is the way they’ll view his or her products and services. Since the two are closely connected in the consumers’ eyes, it’s imperative that bloggers who want to succeed make online reputation monitoring a regular part of their business-building efforts.

Mary Ylisela is a veteran writer and motivational business coach who practices what she preaches. Maintaining an online reputation is critical to small business success, and she addresses this topic in her writing regularly.

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