If you have a Blogspot account you probably already know that you can have your blog filled with very interesting add ons. Although some people believe they are worth very little and sometimes they annoy visitors, these add ons are incredibly useful for those who would like to offer their clients great options as well as be able to control and know more about their very own blogs.

One classic example of how Blogspot add ons can be useful for your blog is having a Youtube add on installed on your blog. This will allow your blog to become much more interactive as well as much more interesting to the eye. If you are a podcaster or even a vloger (video blogger) this app is simply a must have! Another great Blogspot app is one that is related to social media. Thanks to this great app you will be able to have people commenting and sharing your blog’s content all over social media. You will have people like and share your comment on social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. This will increase your chances to be seen as well as increase your overall page rank with Google. You will get many benefits thanks to a single and very simple app.

Now if you have an iPhone and would like to know whether you have a special app to make your blogger life much easier the answer is yes, there’s a very interesting Blogspot iPhone app currently available on the market. You will be able to get this official app straight from Apple website. The app was designed and is officially released by Google Inc, so you will certainly have no issues or technical problems with it. This incredible app allows bloggers to do everything they do in a desktop straight from their Apple iPhones. There will be no excuse not to post that interesting post or even post that beautiful picture. Thanks to this app you will certainly be able to have your blog updated exactly when you want it to be. This tool is perfect for people who travel and who like to post things about their trips. This is a must have for every blogger who has a Blogspot account.

U can start using the app if you have iOS 5 or superior and also have an iPhone or iPad device. It does not matter whether your blog is old or new, this app will allow you to modify it on the go, whenever you feel like it. The app is also perfect for people from all over the world. It has a nice variety of languages for you to choose from, that way you will never have to waste time trying to understand what the app instructions or even functionalities are like.

Therefore if you have a blog on Blogspot make sure you check these suggestions out. You will certainly feel the improvement from the very same day.

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