Have you ever looked for blogspot gadgets and widgets? In case you do not know, there are several different free and cool gadgets for blogspot available on the internet and for free. These gadgets allow your site to become unique and exactly the way you would like to see it working. It does not matter what kind of gadget you need, you will certainly find them online. For example, now, you no longer need to spend hours on the code of your blog in order to add a simple clock, Google and other sites created these cool gadgets that can be added to internet pages or even your blogs in one click! You can find useful tools such as clocks, the weather forecast for all over the world  and much more! Let’s take a look at some options that can be found on Google Gadgets.

  • Facebook Friends/ Like Button – Now everyone is linked to Facebook. Who would not like to have their blog liked and showing on their main pages?! This is simply a must have for those who would like to be successful. The gadget is easy to have working, is small and will show and be seen by everyone who accesses your blog.
  • MP3 Player – For those who would like to have some songs playing or even to have their business being advertised through audio this is a must have, definitely. It will be added to whatever page that you want.
  • Youtube Videos – Another must have tool for every blogger. Regardless of what your blog is about, having the Youtube gadget will allow you to play all videos featured on Youtube right from your blog. This is a great option for those who want to have a really interactive blog.
  • Number of Visitors – This is certainly a very nice tracking tool that will allow you to know how many people have visited your blog. You can have it at the bottom of your page, it will not take  a lot of space and it will be very useful.
  • Skype – Have you ever imagined being able to add skype to your blog? Well, this is totally possible! Have you ever imagined being able to talk with your viewers from the comfort of your home? You can easily add this gadget to your blog and give attention to those who appreciate your work!
  • Chatting tools – There are several different chatting tools that can be added in your blog. This is good for people who would like to provide assistance or simply talk to viewers anytime.
  • Instagram – You can add one of the most famous picture apps on the world to your blog in just a click! Very nice app for sites where pictures are shared.
  • Live pets – You can also download cute cartoon like animals to make your page cuter and happier.

These were only a few options for those who want new entertaining gadgets on their blogs. You can add them by simply clicking on top. You will be able to add them for free and super quickly! There is absolutely no reason for you not to have them.

Thanks for reading!
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