Sound Cloud LogoSound Cloud was established by Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007 to help artists in sharing their audio and music creations with the each other. Both of its founders have a close connection with the music industry; Alex Ljung is a sound designer and Eric Wahlforss is an artist. Later, this was transformed into a tool that allows musicians to publish their music tracks to the people, directly.

“It is a social sound platform which allows its user to create a sound track and share it with the entire world”.

Sound Cloud has offered a distinctive and powerful feature that has allowed it to left behind i.e. liberty to upload a music track with its distinctive URL. This feature is not available on, which hosts tracks only via its main website.  This feature also allows the people to embed their files anywhere, like; on Twitter and Facebook.

Sound Cloud has more than 20 million registered users and growing with the phenomenal pace of 1.5 million users per month. Sound Cloud has also won the Schroders Innovation Award in 2011.

On Sound Cloud, music tracks are depicted in the waveform and listeners are allowed to comment on any part of the track they want to. One can also repost, follow and download tracks on Sound Cloud. There are common interest groups on Sound Cloud that users can join to listen to the content that are similar to their choice and interest.

Sound Cloud has introduced some paid features in order to generate a stream of fund. User can have access to those features, by paying subscription fee. These features include;

  • More hosting space
  • Freedom to disturb recordings or tracks to more people
  • Access to the statistical tools

Alex Ljung is the CEO of Sound Cloud and has an interesting personality. You can learn more about Alex and his Sound Cloud by streaming the attached video.

Video: Startups – Alex Ljung of SoundCloud
(YouTube Release: May 2011)

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