Living in a digital age has completely changed the way businesses communicate with their clients. If a business wants to be successful, whether large or small, it is important that they have some kind of online presence. Larger businesses especially benefit from the internet because it makes it easier to communicate with clients no matter where they are in the world, but smaller businesses benefit as well because it is still one of the best ways to contact a large number of clients and provide them with information. In order to email large groups of clients certain services are needed so that clients have the option to subscribe to the site and receive information, typically about any upcoming sales or specials, but sometimes just containing general information as well. Two of the better known email programs are Aweber and MailChimp.

Features of Both

Since they serve the same purpose, both Aweber and MailChimp are going to have overlapping services. Both will provide businesses with the option to easily setup email lists, which allows for information to be sent out to any clients that are on the list. This is huge for businesses that went to set up sales or specials, and gives clients a reason to subscribe in the first place, which helps keep that business forefront in their mind. Both services also offer the option for businesses to monitor their sales reports. This is incredibly useful since it lets the business see whether or not their specials are working, since it will detail how much revenue is being generated during the time of a sale compared to when the sale isn’t in effect. It also lets businesses know which specific types of sales work, since some customers might prefer specials on deliveries as opposed to sales on specific products. Both services offer a number of integration with other business related services, such as Google Analytics and social media like Twitter or Facebook.

Advantages of Aweber

One of the main features that Aweber has compared to MailChimp is the number of templates that are available. These can be used for setting up group emails, but also for things such as creating signup forms on the business website. Smaller businesses might appreciate this feature, but generally when a website is being designed whoever is doing the designing will be able to create their own template for a signup form. Designer templates offer more customization options as well, since Aweber will have basic templates available. For preexisting businesses without a signup template of any kind though it would be easier to use one of the ones provided then having to hire a designer to create one.

Advantages of MailChimp

MailChimp has templates available as well, but these are specifically for email. Email templates are the ones that businesses will be more likely to use though. MailChimp has been specifically designed to work with mobile programs, allowing for mobile coupon codes to be sent out to customers as well as edits being made via mobile devices instead of having to be at a computer. The MailChimp website has many advantages over Aweber as well, providing more detailed information, especially when it comes to pricing.

Pricing Options

Aweber offers a one month trial for only a dollar, which is certainly nice for any business that just wants to try out their services. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee option available at any time if a business is unsatisfied with their services. At first it seems like Aweber has the better prices as well, advertising just $19 a month, but this is only for up to 500 subscribers, though it does at least offer unlimited emails. 500 subscribers is not a lot though, even for smaller businesses. There are more expensive plans available which cater to more subscribers, but these are not initially advertised or well detailed.

MailChimp is much more open about their pricing, allowing for more customization. There are options available for unlimited email plans and a price estimator where the business can input their number of clients and be told the price on each package. In addition, for any business that has 2,000 or fewer subscribers they are gifted with 12,000 emails for free. The prices will also change as the number of subscribers change without the company having to physically update their numbers. Ultimately, the two services are very similar, but the differences in prices are what will really sway businesses and companies should certainly consider the prices of both services before making a decision.

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