Released in 2004, Basecamp is a web project management site that provides tools for those who want to keep track of their every project. Thanks to Basecamp; people are now able to track every single discussion, file, event and general data that is related to their projects. The site was first launched in the year of 2004 by a company called 37 signal, who, by the way developed and released the site.  For your information, Ruby on Rails, a very interesting and popular framework, came from the Basecamp project.

For those who would like to have their projects controlled and well organized, using Basecamp is simply a must. The price to use the top pack is small, therefore there are simply no excuses for one not to try it. Moreover, you can manage a single project for free! Yes, this is true if you sign up for Basecamp using their classic sign up page. Here’s the link: BaseCamp Classic!  Just complete the sign up process and enjoy!

The site offers several different tools, such as web-based documents (text like), time tracking tools, file sharing area, to do lists, milestone payment money management tool, messaging system, total integration with the 37 signal Campfire tool and others. The site really offers total support for those who want to have their projects done flawlessly. Regardless of the magnitude of the project Basecamp is definitely a must try. The tool is not only a good option for people, but it is also very famous among big companies, after all it is much easier to administrate projects when they are automated.

If you are wondering about the language the software is, do not worry. If you do not know English or understand it poorly you will certainly be able to find a language that best fits your needs in the Basecamp directory. You can find the software in several different languages such as Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Finish, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, Japanese and of course English. Although these languages are featured, one of the newest versions of the software does not include any support in other languages, so if anything happens, you will need to use English to communicate with the staff.

It is also interesting to know that the site offers free trials, that way you will be able to get a small taste of all the benefits that this useful tool provides users. This free trial will last you or your company good two months. In two months you will certainly be able to try almost all of the functionalities for free. If you have any Basecamp login or even Breeze, Backpack or Campfire accounts you will be able to fetch your info from those profiles and have them automatically transferred to your new Basecamp profile.

As a conclusion it is a perfect tool for those who need to manage things that need to get done in a company. When it comes to Basecamp vs Jira or Asana, I would like to vote for Basecamp without any hesitation. If you have a business or even several different affiliates with up to 100 people it will certainly be able to help you a lot. This tool will allow you to manage your staff from wherever you are with a low cost. You will be able to record organize, act and also communicate much better.

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