or Blogger is a free web hosting option for those who would like to have their own blogs or web pages online. There is a little bit of confusion between Blogger and Blogspot. is the same as Blogger. The main name of this free service is called Blogger, however whenever you create a web page or a blog on it you will have it hosted under a domain name called Therefore if you want to create your new page, go to first. Several people prefer this option because not only it is free but it is also of good quality. This is one of the best options for those who want to start from scratch, people who are not very familiar with the whole process of creating a site and releasing it on the web. Of course there are other services out there, who offer similar tools to develop pages, however Blogger/ Blogspot is by far the top option for beginners.

Available on several different languages pretty much anyone is able to launch their pages online for free. The site was translated to several languages as time went by; therefore you will certainly be able to create what you want to create without having any further issues. Now, if you would like to know the quality of this free service, you will certainly be very happy to know that it is free and also counts with quality. As a service provided by Google, the team of developers who created this tool certainly took their time to deliver people a decent service. Blogspot, or simply Blogger counts with several different features that enables bloggers to create a professional looking web page or blog. Who said a free service had to be crappy? If you use Blogger/ Blogspot you will have the quality you need and deserve for free!

The site features options where you can give life to your site/ blog using the design you wish. You will find several different templates that will be of great help during the whole process of creation. You will also be able to use several other tools offered by Google such as Google AdSense, Labels, Blog Achieve and other page elements that will be of great help on the long run. If you are wondering about the quality of the final product then do not worry once again. You will be able to make money and have your web page be as successful as anybody else’s. This tool that is powered by Google will provide you the chance to create a site, launch it and earn money from it. Nothing will hold you back from making money with your site. This is simply an easy way for you to start online without having to spend money on it. What are you waiting for? Access now and create a blogspot hosted blog now! You will see it is simple and it will only take you a couple steps!

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