derek siversI am fortunate enough to know Derek Sivers. Like 1 year ago, I watched “Uncommon Sense”. Then I just wanted to thank him for sharing these wonderful ideas.

For anyone who has entrepreneur mindset, it is great to see that there are others who share the same passion. I wrote these to him, and since he is a great person, he responded to my mail, and we had the chance for a little chat. Derek, if you read this post, again, you are more than welcome to Turkey. 🙂

Derek is a musician, entrepreneur, speaker at TED conferences. In the videos below, you will listen the story from him. The story, that a web project grows from ground zero. However, he is not “common” guy, he can give the proceeds to a charitable trust for music education after he sold for $22M 🙂

You will find much at the videos. “Uncommon Sense” was a life-changing experience to me. I hope our readers will enjoy it too 🙂

Uncommon Sense Video by Derek Sivers:

(47-minute video. Total 8 parts, but they will play automatically)

  1. My background
  2. Why are you doing this?
  3. Nobody knows the future
  4. Revolution
  5. Hit or switch
  6. Version 0.1
  7. Ideas × Execution
  8. CD Baby

You can find more about Derek at

Thanks for reading!
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