linkedinLinkedIn’s foundation stone was laid by Reid Hoffman and his team members from PayPal and in 2002. LinkedIn was then launched in May, 2003 for the people of America.  Reid is company’s ex-CEO and nowadays the Chairman of its board. Jeff Weiner is the new CEO of the company; he was the former Yahoo’s CEO as well.

LinkedIn is the social media where people can build and grow their professional affiliations and network. It allows the registered members to select between basic and paid services option. This media is being used by more than 175 million users from the 200 different countries. Moreover, it is available in several different languages, in addition to English, which has played an pivotal role in its success. The salient features of this website that help an individual to;

  • Upload its resume
  • Follow different companies
  • Find jobs, business opportunities and people
  • Find employees for its organization
  • Send messages to the people on his/her network
  • Share its photograph and much more

LinkedIn has been able to produce gigantic revenues of $522 million in 2011 and is experiencing continuous growth every single second and so.

Reid Hoffman is a Californian boy and got his graduation degree from Stanford University. Later in 1993, he went to Oxford for getting his master’s degree in philosophy. He has made investments in several project, in addition to LinkedIn, to date like; Facebook, Zynga, Tagged,, Knewton and etc.

In order to look into the future plans of LinkedIn, do watch the video below. It is a conversation between CEO Jeff Weiner and John Bettelle at Web2.0 Summit conducted in San Francisco. During the entire video Jeff remained composed and responded very well to the tricky questions of the moderator John Bettelle. This video is an excellent way to explore the real face of LinkedIn.

Video: Web 2.0 Summit 2010: Jeff Weiner Interview

The video player also has the option in the navigation toolbar to have the subtitles in case you are not very comfortable with English.

(filmed: 2010, San Francisco, O’Reilly)

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