mail chimpMail Chimp is an email marketing service provider – user signs up and selects the package (based on price and no. of emails) that suites best for his/her business. The user can then create beautiful and attractive emails and send them to its target audiences. The best part of Mail Chimp is one can also track the results of this service via a mobile phone application.

Ben Chestnut along with his friend, Mark, started a Rocket Science Group in Atlanta i.e. a web development industry in 2000. Mail Chimp was a sort of side project for Rocket Science Group that helped its clients send emails and it eventually in 2005 became a sole focus of Ben and Mark; now they have 2.5 million users worldwide. Isn’t it a huge number for a business that is grown organically over a period of time?

Under the banner of Mail Chimp, there is a bunch of more than one hundred highly creative team members. These team members are putting their hundred percent efforts to make Mail Chimp the best email marketing service in the entire universe.

Ben Chestnut – CEO of Mail Chimp, since his early childhood, wanted to be a cartoonist and for that reason he tried to secure admission in engineering but failed due to his poor mathematics. He started college as Physics major at University of Georgia. Later, he got his credit hours transferred in industrial designing at Georgia Institute of Technology (one that rejected Ben earlier).

Ben Chestnut believes that people should love what they do instead of doing what they love. According to him this helps them in keeping their passion alive and living happy life.

Ben Chestnut is an amazing speaker; he won’t allow his audiences to get bored for a second. If you want to experience this just watch the video below. This is a session in which Ben explained to people about secrets of creating an innovative environment at their working places.

He also explained things like;

  • His Childhood Interests
  • How He Ended-up at Studying Industrial Design?
  • How He Started Mail Chimp?
  • How a Person Can Make Money Out of Chaotic Situations?
  • Formula of Running a Creative Company
  • Much More in His Humorous and Interesting Style

Video – Ben Chestnut on Mail Chimp

(filmed at December 2011 CreativeMornings/Atlanta)

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