disqus.comY-combinator has provided launching pad for many of the online entities like Reddit, Scribd, Posterous, Disqus and etc. Disqus is pronounced as ‘Discuss’.  It is founded by Danial Ha and Jason Ya in 2007.  So what is Disqus and what does it do in the first place? Some online experts say it is an online community of communities. It is basically an online commenting and discussion service for internet users and websites.

Disqus has many interesting features like;

  • Social Networking
  • Social Integration
  • User Profiles
  • Email Notification
  • Tools for Spam and Moderation
  • and many more…

Disqus has approximately 900 million unique visitors per month, 300 million active commenters and more than 2.5 million registered communities. These statics are the real depiction of how graciously people, around the world, have accepted the concept of Disqus.

Disqus has thirty three (33) employees working in its office, located in downtown San Francisco, California. Disqus has adopted interesting business model based on freemium that allows the users to use its basic services free but charge for the extra features. There are several packages available for the users on Disqus’s website for ad-on services.

Disqus has been achieving name and fame under the leadership of Denial and Jason since the beginning of its journey. In 2011, Disqus succeeded in raising an investment capital of 10 million USD from Union Square Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Daniel Ha and Jason Ya had known each other since seventh grade and both went to the same ‘University of California’ and completed graduation in computer science. Daniel Ha was selected by Businessweek as the ‘Best Young Tech Entrepreneur 2011’.

Want to hear some exciting stories about Disqus and Daniel in his own words? Watch the video below to find out the secrets behind the fast growth of a small startup.

Video: Co-founder Daniel Ha Talks About ‘Disqus’
(First YouTube Release: July, 2012)

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