steve wozniak and steve jobsApple Inc. is one of the largest producers and sellers of consumer goods like, personal computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. It is third in the list of cell phone producers after Nokia and Samsung. Apple was founded by a group of three brilliant minds; Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, in 1976 and was incorporated in 1977. It was initially known as Apple Computer but later due to Apple’s diversification strategy word ‘computer’ was removed from its name.

Apple has interesting logo design history, its first logo used to depict Isaac Newton sitting under the tree. This logo was soon replaced by a rainbow colored apple with a bite in 1976. The idea behind bite was to make it distinctive from tomato. Later, in 1998 monochromatic logo was introduced and is still in use by Apple.

Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPods are phenomenal hits and allowed the company to reap handsome profits for last several years. Apple’s net income in 2012 is estimated to be around $41.733 billion.

Steve Wozniak is a co-founder of Apple Inc. and is an electrical and computer engineer. In addition to this qualification he has received several honorary degrees from several international universities. He is also patent holder of his sole inventions like microcomputer, magnetic disc and recorder controller and etc.

Steve appeared on a famous television show ‘Click’ and talked about things like;

  • What he thinks about engineers and geeks?
  • How is invention different in the present times from that in 1970’s?
  • What he thinks about Steve Jobs’ talent and aptitude?
  • What Woz thinks about Apple?
  • What are Woz views about the hacking of iPhone to run other apps?

In order to seek answer to these questions watch the videos below and learn loads of new things about Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Video – Part 1 – Steve “Woz” Wozniak on Apple

(filmed at 2008 for TV show “Click”)

Video – Part 2 – Steve “Woz” Wozniak on Apple

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