googleGoogle is the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who started this miraculous project as research venture at Stanford University in 1996. Larry and Sergey started this Google thing with the mission of organizing information and making it available to people globally.

From its incorporation in 1998 as a private company to its initial public offering in 2004; Google has harvested several relishing fruits of progression and victory.

Google provides services and products related to internet like; internet search, advertising and software technologies and cloud computing to the people all around the world.

Acquisitions and partnerships are the tools, Google has been using for expanding its portfolio for years. Google Earth was known as Earth Viewer before Google purchased it from Keyhole Inc. and renamed it in 2005.  There are dozens of products that Google carries in its piggy bag like Google Earth and Google Voice for example. Motorola Mobility and Quickoffice are latest addition to Google’s mighty sack.

Brin and Page are the key shareholders of the Google with the ownership of 16% Google’s shares. Page and Brin are the computer scientists and are the phenomenal entrepreneurs that have entirely changed the way people used to do data mining a decade ago. Both are among the wealthiest people in the Forbes 400 list of Americans.

If you want to find out answers to questions mentioned below, just watch the video below and start streaming Larry and Page’s interview moderated by James Fallows.

  • Secrets behind the Sustainability of Creativity in Google
  • How Larry and Sergey Resolves their Issues and Conflicts at Work
  • What Sergey and Larry Thinks About the Competition in the Market they are Facing
  • Suggestions for the Content Developers to Better Fit into Google
  • Internet Privacy Issues
  • Steps Taken by Google to Cut Energy Consumption by Servers
  • What People Should Do to Take Responsibility in Order to Change the World

Video: Sergey Brin and Larry Page with Jim Fallows @ Zeitgeist 2007

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