redditReddit’s seed was germinated in summer of 2005, when Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian founded it. Paul Graham provided the seed investment for this project through his program Y-Combinator. Reddit, during its short journey so far has been through a merger and an acquisition. Currently, Reddit is working under the “Advanced Publications” banner.

“Reddit is basically just a list of headlines, when users submit headlines to us and then other users vote up and down and through which headlines make to our front page.” – Steve.

Steve and Alexis has been able to recruit geniuses in their team from time to time. Erick Martin, Jeremy Edberg, David King, and Mike Schiraldi are working with them now days to row Reddit to the winning post.  According to the Reddit’s latest blog post, David A Croach, Lesley Brownlee and Roger Ostrander are new personnel on board.

Steve started developing interest in programming at the age of 8 years, when his father bought him first computer. On the other hand, Alexis was a passionate gaming boy and his passion for gaming dragged him to the field of programming. They met at University of Virginia and graduated together from there at the age of 22.

This video below is an interview with the co-founders of Reddit. Video highlights;

  • How Paul Graham met two boys and started project with them
  • Stories of Steve and Alexis; how they developed interest in programming and things like that
  • Styrofoam prank of Steve along with his other witty acts in words of Alexis
  • Steve and Alexis entrepreneurial thoughts
  • Y-Combinator’s dramatic selection and beginning of Steve and Alexis dream project
  • Functionality and core of Reddit
  • Steve and Alexis best and worst experiences so far on the project

Don’t waste time and watch the video to get complete information about the phenomenal journey of Steve and Alexis – two young entrepreneurs. Case Study Video:

If you are not comfortable with English, you can turn the subtitles on at the navigation bar on the video player.

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