IMDB-logoAs part of the process of highlighting the most successful online ventures, today I am going to cover IMDb! IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. All the information related to the films, video games and television programs can be found on this online database website.  This online database contains information about the actors, personnel of production crew and all kind of animated characters.

IMDB was launched in 1990 by a British movie fan and computer programmer Col Needham.  Col Needham posted some movie related contents on Usenet with a title “Those Eyes”, which received a good response from the people; it was the mere beginning of such a gigantic database of movie.

In 1993, it was segregated from the Usenet group and started functioning as a separate website.  At that time IMDB was backed and controlled by Col Needham and by a bunch of personal followers.  Col Needham used to invite people from other websites to contribute voluntarily to IMDB. This is how IMDB grew initially and resulted into the formation of a big movie database website.

In 1996, IMDB was incorporated as a separate legal entity in United Kingdom and the main ownership was held by Col Needham. IMDB has been generating its revenue through advertisement, partnership and licensing services.  IMDB was acquired by Amazon in 1998.

In addition to English version, IMDB is available in other languages as well, like; French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Romanian and Hungarian. The movie titles are translated entirely into the specified language. This feature has given a phenomenal success to IMDB and makes it one of the most famous entertainment destinations on the internet.

According to statistics released by IMDB, more than 100 million unique users pay visit to their website every month. It has more than 2.5 million movie titles and over 5.1 million media personality information.

Col Needham was the founder and first CEO of IMDB. However, he started working as a general manager of IMDB after acquisition of IMDB by Amazon.  Find out more about Col Needham and IMDB by watching the video.

Video: Col Needham talks about the impact of IMDb on the film indsutry and on his life
(YouTube Release: April, 2013)

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