deviantART.comAre you an artist? Finding it difficult to exhibit your creative work to the world? If so then why not you chose to show the world the level of your artistic skills and creativity. is an online community, based in Los Angeles, California, USA, that allows its registered users to display their art work to their massive audiences. There are several categories that a registered user can use to display his/her work, some of them are;

  • Photography
  • Traditional Art
  • Literature
  • Filmmaking
  • Digital Art
  • Many more categories to explore uses a mascot known as Fella, to get identified in the cluttered up online world. There are certain terminologies commonly used by, like; ‘Deviants’ for its members and ‘Deviations’ for submissions made by artists.

There is a wide range of exciting options that can be found on, like;

  1. User can peep into 253 million art works online.
  2. Displaying, art work; free to about 26 million people, globally.
  3. Artist has freedom to establish his/her galleries, set up profile and also build up personal fan base.
  4. Ability to communicate, learn and collaborate with artists from more than 190 countries.
  5. shop, where one can sell his/her art works. was initially launched in August, 2000 as a part of music related websites; Dmusic Network. According to the statistics released by the company, approximately 160,000 original arts works are being uploaded to daily.

Angelo Sotira, along with his friends launched when he was only nineteen. He is an American entrepreneur and also known for founding some other business ventures as well.

Interested in finding out more about and Angelo Sotira? Watch Angelo’s exclusive interview with Jason Calacanus in ‘This week in Startups”.

Video: Startups : Angelo Sotira of DeviantArt- TWiST #299
(YouTube Release: October, 2012)

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