dropboxDropbox is the brainchild of Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi and was launched in 2007 as a Y-Combinator funded venture. Dropbox provides you with an opportunity to store all of your important data on the internet. Dropbox is basically a file hosting service, which allows its user to make a folder on his/her computer and then he/she can access that folder from any other computer by the synchronization services provided by the Dropbox. Website and mobile application can also be used to access the created folder.

there’s a very interesting story behind Dropbox ; Drew Houston used to forget to keep his USB (universal serial bus) drives with him while he was studying at MIT. This problem illuminated an idea in his mind , to create a virtual place where he can store his files. Initially, he was interested in developing something for his personal use but later he decided to do it for the entire world and came up with ‘Dropbox’.

‘Dropbox’ offers basic free services to its users that offers limited allocation of space but users can purchase additional volume by paid subscription.  According to ‘Dropbox’, there is no size limit of individual files for the desktop users but 300 MB should be the maximum size of a file that is uploaded via Dropbox website. Dropbox claims, it has nearly 100 million users around the world.

There are several add-ons that are created by the community of Dropbox such as:

  • SendToDropbox – A web service that enables the user to send files directly to his/her Dropbox.
  • MacDropAny – A Back facility to the Dropbox account for Git, FTP and etc.
  • And many more…

Drew Houston wrote the Dropbox’s first lines of code during his training in Boston. He graduated from MIT. He is the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. However, his business involvement doesn’t stop him from participating in the client software improvement activities from time to time. He loves to jam guitar in his free time.

Watch this exclusive interview of Drew Houston to learn more about his versatile personality and also about Dropbox.

Video: (Founder Stories) Dropbox: The Beginning of Dropbox
(YouTube Release: October, 2011 )

Video: (Founder Stories) Dropbox: Early Testing
(YouTube Release: October, 2011 )

Video: (Founder Stories) Dropbox: Success and Growth
(YouTube Release: November, 2011 )

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