In order for businesses to be successful there are a number of different areas that need to be managed. Two of the most important areas are staying up to date with the times and technology and providing information about the business or group. Businesses can have the best products or services, but it doesn’t mean that they are going to be successful if nobody knows about them. Fortunately, we live in a digital age where spreading information has never been easier, which is where staying up to date with the times becomes so important. Very few businesses operate without having a website. Even small local places will still have some kind of basic website available, which gives members the options to register and receive information about that business. In order to do this though, businesses are going to need a service that lets them automatically send out emails to their clients, which is where comes in.

E-Mail Groups

MailChimp has several different purposes for businesses, but the primary one is creating different email groups and setting up messages that can be sent to these groups. Businesses can use this for commercial purposes, sending monthly newsletters to anyone who is registered. Another common practice is for businesses to send out coupons or inform registered members about any sales or other special deals that they’re having, such as a period where delivery on products might come at a reduced price. E-mail groups can be customized to include specific people, so it is possible to have groups for both customers and employees, or even set up different tiers of customer email. Some customers for example might want to only receive coupons and information about sales, but don’t want to receive a newsletter. Sending emails is as simple as dragging and dropping files and then assigning which group is supposed to receive the email.

Sales Reports

MailChimp is useful for more then just sending emails. There are key features which are designed solely for businesses. MailChimp offers the option to merge alongside Google Analytics, which can be used to track information about sales. This allows for monthly or even weekly goals to be set and show whether or not sales are matching those goals. In addition, it can help to show whether or not sales or specials are generating more income.


Not all of the features of MailChimp require members to be signed up. There is an option for businesses to send out special recruitment emails. These recruitment emails can be centered on specific zip codes provided by MailChimp’s geolocator. MailChimp can also be integrated with other programs, such as Eventbrite, which allow for businesses to publicize any special events that they might be having.


Pricing options are based around a few different factors, namely how many subscribers the business has as well as how many emails they want to send out each month. Unlimited sending is available for larger businesses who know that they will be sending out large volumes of emails to a number of different people. One useful feature is that the billing prices will automatically adjust based on the number of subscribers, so if the number happens to decrease the business won’t be charged their previous price from when they had more subscribers.

MailChimp has an option on their site which allows businesses to input their estimated number of subscriptions in order to get a price quote and details what packages are available, with even more options being presented for larger businesses that will have to cater to a huge number of subscribers. For newer businesses, there is a very useful option that comes free of charge for anyone with under 2,000 subscribers, as long as they don’t send out more then 12,000 emails in a month.

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