FeedBurner was first launched back in the year of 2004. Today, it is powered by Google and it offers amazing services related to web feed management.  With this tool you will be able to read, distribute and get RSS feeds and also manage your website feeds exactly the way that you think you should. This is a must have tool for those who have blogs, podcasts and other content publishing sites. It is interesting to know that Google bought FeedBurner and has been its administrator since June 2007. Ever since that month, when Google purchased FeedBurner users could use certain services that were previously paid for such as MyBrand and TotalStats for free.

If you use FeedBurner you will be able to use the traffic analysis tool as well as an advertising system that is optional for the users. Thanks to this traffic analysis tool the publisher will be able to know the exact number of people who subscribed to receive their feeds as well as know which program every user used in order to do so. It is interesting to know that with FeedBurner you will be able to modify the feeds published in several different ways. For example, you will be able to include automatic links to web pages like Digg. FeedBurner is already used by millions of people worldwide. It has already hosted millions of feeds of over half a million publishers, 150 thousand podcasts and video casts feeds.

Another great functionality provided by this tool is the FeedBurner email subscription. With the FeedBurner email subscription plugin, people are able to receive your content feed through email. All they have to do is subscribe for your RSS feeds through yourn website and then FeedBurner will do all of the tough work for you. The plugin will fetch the content from your page and redirect it to those who subscribed to get your feeds. This tool is very useful and easy to customize. The whole process is done automatically by FeedBurner. The emails sent are easy to read texts or HTML, therefore subscribers will always get your feeds. The person who subscribed will receive e-mails from you and they will not know that FeedBurner sent them for you. There are no giant ads on the feeds sent, your subscribers will never have to deal with that. It is also interesting to know that if you use this great e-mail feature you will be able to retrieve the e-mail of the people that subscribed to get your feeds, therefore you will also be able to export the addresses to whatever other tools that you wish at all times.

Although this is a pretty reliable tool for publishers and other who need the internet to show their work, it has already shown a couple problems. One of the most common technical problems that FeedBurner has shown is the smaller number of subscribers that are reported to the publisher. Although this problem is common, it is usually related to a single client of single RSS reader. Other problems have already happened, however they were all solved quickly by the Google team.

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