StumbleUponStumbleupon is the platform which allows the user to explore and discover the internet content of his/her interest. It is a smart search engine i.e. after knowing the visitors’ choice, introduces them with web pages, videos and images of their interest.  Stumbleupon also allows its visitors to provide feedback, by liking or disliking the particular webpage.

It forms the virtual communities of similar/like-minded people through its collaborative filtering human options.  These friends over the Stumbleupon network are allowed to interact and share different stuff with each other of same interest. It has more than 25 million registered users.

Stumbleupon started its magnificent journey in 2001 from Canada, when group of investors (Garrett Camp, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd) provided its seed capital. It was owned by eBay till 2009 from 2007 when it was bought back by its initiating bunch of investors. Now Stumbleupon operates from San Francisco (Silicon Valley – The valley of internet and computer entrepreneurs).

StumbleDNA is an iOS app released by the company for the iPhone savvy users in September, 2012. This app allows the user to access Stumbleupon anytime from anywhere. Stumbleupon is getting cash injected through its paid advertisement services.

Garret is a young Canadian entrepreneur; who has been relocated in Sans Francisco, US since 2007. He has master’s degree in computer engineering.  He received MIT Technology Review’s TR35 award in 2007. He is the founding CEO of Stumbleupon.

If you are interested to learn more about Garret Camp and Stumbleupon, watch this interview. Howard Lindzon mediated this interview and he has a quick, friendly chit chat with Garret. In this video you will find:

  • How did Stumbleupon start?
  • How did Garret relocate to Sans Francisco?
  • Reasons behind selling Stumbleupon to eBay then getting it back from them.
  • How mobile has changed Stumbleupon growth rate
  • What Garret does for fun
  • What does Garret prefer; Being a CEO or an investor?

Video: Founder Garrett Camp on

(Released in 2011)

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