Hulu,comHulu is a very popular website that allows its users to watch their favorite television shows, movies, video clips, bloopers and behind the scene footages from big channels like Nickelodeon, Fox, ABC, NBC and etc. It is currently available for the audience of Japan and United States.
Back in 2007, Hulu started its successful journey and was efficacious to bring big guns like; Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, AOL and etc. as initial partners for its distribution.

Hulu provides liberty to the users to customize their online viewing experience.  Users can watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. To watch TV program on Hulu, you only require a computer with a piece of flash player software installed in it and a good internet connection. Hulu’s advertisement supported model is entirely free to use.

Hulu is earning huge revenues by allowing the big companies to associate their advertisements with the premium online video content. More than 1000 advertisers have been using hulu’s advertisement services to reach massive target audience. Today, hulu has more than 38 million unique users/ month and more than 410 content providers (professional).

Jason Kilar has been working as a CEO of hulu since its beginning in 2007. Jason went to Harvard to receive his MBA. He got his first job at Disney Design and Development department. After that Jason used to work for Amazon before joining in Hulu.

In order to find out more about Jason Kilar and Hulu, watch the following interview mediated by Jed Williams. The topics that are covered in this interview include:

  • The notion behind Hulu’s joint business venture
  • What was the audience and advertisers’ perceptive about Hulu
  • How the advertisers reacted towards Hulu
  • How Jason developed the business plan that provoked partners to work hand in hand with him
  • How important it was for Jason to create a business model in which streaming is easy and accessible

Case Study: Founder Jason Kilar Talks About
(Released in: 2009) 

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