wikipedia free encyclopediaWikipedia is an online encyclopedia supported by Wikimedia Foundation (a not-for-profit organization). Wikipedia has an archive of more than 23 million articles; these articles are written by volunteers from all over the world (100,000). Writing and editing at Wikipedia only requires an official account, which is free of cost.

Wikipedia is a project initiated by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001. Wikipedia is a basically term derived by combination of two words i.e. wiki (quick) and pedia from encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a multilingual website that offers content in more than 285 different languages for its global readers. Wikipedia has about 35 million registered members in its all editions. This number is a clear depiction of its global popularity.

Jimmy Wales is an Alabama boy and he attended Randolph School over there.  He graduated with finance major from Auburn University. He later went to Indiana University for gaining his doctorate degree. He started working in Chicago Options Associate after completing his studies in 1994. He was addicted to internet usage that’s why he started the Wikipedia project with Sanger.

Wales has received several international awards and honorary degrees as well. He is a high profile person in the field of information technology.

Few years back Jonathan Fanton took an exclusive one-to-one interview of Jimmy Wales. In this interview Jimmy explained things like;

  • Career Progression
  • Value and Beliefs behind Wikipedia
  • How Wikipedia’s community reacted to the tag they got from the people?
  • Aspirations for African countries and thinking about the raising parts of the world; like China
  • Challenges and problem about which Jimmy is worried about
  • Wikimania – What is it?

To check out the details, watch the video and find out more about the mission of Wikipedia community and much more.

Video – Founder Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia

(filmed at 2009 for MacArthur President Jonathan Fanton Interview)

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