instagramInstagram is a program (application) that allows users to share their photographs with each other and it also forms a social network to mingle-up with friends. Instagram was launched in October 2010.  It basically allows its users to click an image, apply a photo filter to it and then share it with folks over Instagram and dozens of other social networks.

It has about 100 million registered users globally as of September, 2012. Instagram’s distinctive feature is that it keeps all the photographs in square form. It allows users to make their photographs looked-like professionally clicked images.

Seed investment for Instagram was made by Baseline Ventures and Andreessen in 2010. It is available for all android and iOS platforms. Recently, in April, 2012, Facebook has purchased Instagram for 1 billion USD approximately and kept it as an independent entity rather than merging it into Facebook.  Instagram has a small team of thirteen competent employees working 24/7 for its glory.

Instagram has a number of prestigious awards under its belt that include:

  • “App of the year” for 2011 by Apple, Inc.
  • SF Weekly’s Web Award “Best Locally Made App”  in 2011
  • TechCrunch Crunchies’ Runner-up for “Best Mobile App” in 2010

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are co-founders of Instagram and both graduated from Stanford University. Kevin is the CEO of Instagram and also a young entrepreneur. Kevin has also been listed in the Fortune’s 40-under-40 list.

Kevin Systrom is an interesting person to talk to. Kevin Rose was interviewing him this time. They talked about Kevin Systrom’s childhood and his early passion for computers and programming. Systrom told Kevin Rose about how he conceived an idea of Instagram.  Kevin also tried to find out whether Instagram’s success is based on its own features or Systrom’s marketing background made it a phenomenal hit. Watch it, enjoy it and feel free to share with us what you think about Instagram and its founder!

Video: Founder Kevin Systrom Talks About Instagram

(Released in 2012)

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