wordpressWordPress is a tool that allow users to create websites and blogs free of cost. WordPress’s developers claim that it is a priceless tool not only for tech savvy people out there but also for the non-technical blokes.

WordPress started its journey in 2003, as topography enhancing tool and from that day it has grown steadily and attracted millions of users globally.  It is open source which means people from all over the world are working on it.

Approximately 75 million websites are using WordPress and about 35 million blogs are hosted at WordPress (others are self-hosted). It has jaw dropping 341 million monthly users. All this humongous traffic is administered by the staff of merely 120 people. Isn’t it simply impressive?

Users can use different options to make their blogs or websites more attractive and unique. WordPress allows user to change themes (1,500 custom themes), install plugins (20,000 different kinds of technology plugins), widgets that allow users to add functionalities and etc. In 2011 WordPress has received Open Source Web App of the Year Award.

WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little (Investor from England). Matt used to attend University of Houston before he dropped out and start working at CNET Networks. Matt is a social media entrepreneur, musician and web developer living in California. In 2012, Mullenweg was listed in Forbes Most Influential Angel Investors on AngelList.

Matt Mullenweg has an interesting personality to explore and learn from his experiences. Matt Mullenweg talked about his experiences, in The Guardian Activate Summit: London 2012, to Matt McAlister.  Watch this video and you will learn about;

  • How WordPress operates?
  • How can 120 people manage such an extensive task?
  • How teams are organized globally?
  • What is P2?

So, watch and enjoy an interesting interview of Matt Mullenweg.

Video – WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg

(from 2012)

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