kayak.comKayak.com is a ‘travel search engine’ that lets users to make a real-quick comparative analysis of hundreds of travel websites. It was incorporated in 2004 in Delaware by Paul M. English and Steve Hafner. It helps people find out hotel, cruise, airline and other travelling information without much hassle. Kayak was recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 50 best websites of 2009.

Kayak has also developed its app for android and iOS handsets. It is an excellent travel website and can be downloaded easily from different online app stores. Kayak’s travel management tool allows the users to manage their trips free of cost. Flight status and price alerts are sent to users of this tool and keep them updated. Kayak’s ROI mostly depends on paid advertisements.

Kayak has been expanded into many countries since its incorporation. It is available in several languages like: English, French, German, Italian etc and has a diverse set of audience. It has also acquired several companies so far and the latest one is Priceline.com in exchange of $1.8 billion.

Paul English is a Computer Science graduate from University of Massachusetts in 1987. He has worked for several big organizations like; Boston Consulting Group, Orbitz before starting Kayak. He is a recipient of several awards for his extra ordinary skills.

Paul English has explained the fascinating details about Kayak in the video that is provided below. He has highlighted what Kayak is and how he recruits employees in Kayak. He also offered several tips for the start-up owners. He also explained the functionality of Kayak’s mobile app. Watch this video if you are interested to learn some amazing things about Kayak and its founder.

Video: Founder Paul English Speaks About Kayak.com
(Released in: October, 2011) 

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