“Pandora” was started back in 2000 with the ‘Music Genome Project’- capturing music essence at its basic level. In Greek ‘pandora’ means “all gifted”. Pandora Radio allows its users to participate in the song selection process and plays songs according to the users’ choice and interest. Pandora also gives freedom to the user to like or dislike the songs that are selected by service.  Their service is available in United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Pandora also offers options to buy songs by displaying links of online music stores.

Songs are analyzed by a team of 50 trained musicians, who work on each and every trait of the song. More than 400 attributes are considered by the system before switching to the next song.  These attributes are aggregated into larger focus groups (2000 in number). Pandora is available for both iOS and android gadgets and can easily be downloaded from different online app stores.

Pandora is offering two kinds of services: unpaid service with ads and paid service without ads. It has more than 80 million users, who can access its library of 800,000 tracks.

Tim Westergren is the founder and chief strategic officer of Pandora radio. He has an extensive experience of 20 years in music industry. He also won different awards for his compositions.  He graduated from Stanford in computer acoustics and recording technology.  He has also hands as an online entrepreneur. He has contributed a lot in shaping Pandora’s future.

The video link attached below will help you to learn more about Pandora Radio and Tim Westergren. It is definitely an engaging video that reveals many interesting facts that include:

  • Tim explaining functionality of his team of 50 trained musicians.
  • What Pandora does and why should people care about this service?
  • How is Pandora different from its competitors?

Founder Tim Westergren Talks About
(First Released in 2008)

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