Many people are talking about negative SEO now-a-days though this is not actually a new thing. Negative SEO badly affects the ranking of a website instead of doing what normal SEO does. Negative SEO can be considered as a new online sin. Smaller websites are much prone to be a victim of negative SEO which can drastically affect the website ranking. Therefore tackling negative SEO is a must to gain footage in online business . Negative SEO consumes time, money and your hard labor.

Negative SEO is a practice employed by some competitors by means of developing bad links to a website, i.e., developing lower quality backlinks, making the website’s rank lower in search engine rankings.

The best ways to prevent negative SEO is to keep up-to-date and monitor your site for any sign that seems like an attack.

How to identify and prevent negative SEO

1. Obtain e-mails weekly

Few tools like Google Webmaster Tool and Bing Webmaster Center offer options for setting up weekly email notifications about changes in a website or if a new message has been there. Having notifications will keep you updated with site and its functioning. This will help you tell instantly if there is something suspicious in your site.

2. Arrange for Alerts

Setting up of alerts would warn you against any malicious activity that has been targeted towards your website. Google Analytics Data alert is one of them. The parameters/boundaries of the alert range from sudden drop in traffic to increased bounce rate.

3. Periodically check your website

Your website like any other important things needs to be checked periodically so that it can function properly. The better way to do it is to ask for professional help. This will keep you updated with the proper functioning of the site and usability.

4. Keeping track of links

Keeping track of your inbound and outbound links is easy! there are many tools available that will provide data regarding your website’s outgoing links and back links.

5. Discover new referring domains

It is advisable to go through the referring sites in your analytics package, Sort them out and list them according to their newness. Remove any sites that are mentioned more than once. Check each of the site by visiting them. Thus go through the list and thank the link providers.

Start with these five easy steps and gradually you will begin to learn some advanced tactics about negative SEO. Best of luck!

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