craigslist logoWhat is Craigslist?

Craigslist is the internet’s largest classified ad website that has multiple sections devoted to housing, jobs, personal advertisements, items for sale (vice versa), gigs, discussion forums, community and resumes. It has been categorized on the basis of cities in order to make it easy for the people to know about local information, by mere movement of fingertips.

Craigslist’s Story

Every successful business has an interesting story behind its inception and triumph; same is the case with Craigslist. In 1995, Craig Newmark – founder of, moved to Sans Francisco and identified the need of making a platform that will help people to share local events. With this aim in his mind, he initially started with email distribution among his friends. Most of them are notices of  internet and software events for the interested people in the city of Sans Francisco. Soon, with the spread of positive word of mouth, craigslist starting growing and different categories were added to it like jobs, housing and etc.

Craigslist’s Expansion

Initially, Craigslist entered in the national market by expanding its business in thirteen local cities till 2000. In 2001, Vancouver was the first non-US city that found its place in the list. Today, Craigslist has dedicated web space for more than 700 cities of 70 different countries from all around the world.

Jaw dropping Stats of Craigslist

Craigslist receives more than 50 billion page views every month.  Craigslist gets 60 million unique visitors from the US every month. More than 100 million ads are posted and reposted every month on Craigslist. Similarly, approximately 2 million jobs are posted every month. These statistics make Craigslist an unbeatable classified internet giant.

Unveiling More Facts!

Want to know more about Craigslist and Newmark? Watch “The Drexel interview”, in which he explains how Craigslist grew and became the world’s leading classified ad site. He also addresses the view that Craigslist poses threat to newspapers. What were the reasons behind keeping Craigslist simple in design? He poured some light on the current business preferences of Craigslist and their future goals.

Video: Is it Craigslist or Grabs-list?
(First released in: June, 2011) 

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