klout-logoSocial media boom in the current era has given rise to the need of influence measuring analytical tool for every individual and business. Joe Fernandez is the person behind the identification of this need and translating it into a real world product- Klout.

Klout is the social media analytical tool that measures the influence of a person or business across its social networks”. Klout provides statistical analysis in the light of data extracted from social media like; Facebook, twitter and etc.

Klout measures the size of the registered user’s network, level of influence he/she has in his/her networks. Klout also analyzes the content created and how much this content engages the people in one’s network.

Klout claims that it has fabricated more than 100 million profiles to date. Klout is not an opt-in service, it works when the user provides access to its social networks. Klout scores on the scale of 1 to 100; greater score represents the high assessment points by the Klout and also depicts the influence strength of one’s social network.  Klout produces these results on the basis of 400 different variables.

Joe Fernandez launched Klout in September 2008 and started working as a chief executive officer. He used to work for the Onboard Informatics, as Director of Innovation and Research, in real estate industry. He went to Oxford University and University of Miami during his academic career.

Joe Fernandez in his interview with Alexis Tsosis at LeWeb London 2012 unveiled many interesting facts about Klout.

Joe’s interview will  answer many of your questions about Klout like:

What is klout?
Why did Klout change its algorithm and how they deal with the questions raised due to that change?
How Klout is actually influencing the people’s online presence?

Watch the attached video in order to learn more about Klout.

Video: Joe Fernandez’s Klout Measures One’s Social Network Influence!
(First released in: June, 2012)

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