you a professional computer programmer? Want to ask questions to the expert programmers, globally? Or, you are the one, who like to help other programming fellows learn more and improve? If this scenario fits best for you then Stack Overflow is one of the best Q&A websites for you to visit and indulge yourself in the diverse world questions and answers related to computer programming.

Stack Overflow was launched in 2008 by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. Atwood used his blog to conduct a public poll for the name selection of the website. Jeff and Joel have added several enticing features to this website and have been succeeded to grab the attention of more than 1.5 million users since its launch. The user can earn different badges and reputation points on Stack Overflow.  Questions can be tagged by the users, up to five relevant categories are available. The best answer appears on the top of the entire lot.

According to the statistics displayed on Stack Overflow’s website; it has 5 million questions asked, 9.2 million answers, 20 million comments and 33 thousand tags, to date. Stack Overflow had raised venture capital, worth of $6 million, in 2010 from Union Square Ventures.

Joel Spolsky, one of the co-founders of Stack Overflow, is a writer and a software engineer.  He is also an author of software development blog ‘Joel on Software’. Joel used to work for Microsoft Excel before starting up his own business. He has done BS summa cum laude in Computer Science from University of Yale. He is the CEO of Stack Exchange Network and is contributing a lot to the success of this network.

Joel Spolsky has an interesting personality. In order to learn more about Stack Overflow in his own words watch the attached video, an amazing one and worth watching.

Video: Venture Capital – Joel Spolsky – CEO and Co-Founder at StackOverflow
(YouTube Release: April, 2011)

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