social media splashAlexis Ohanian co-founded Reddit, a social-voting news website. He starts his conversation with explaining what a news website is about. It is about the main news being on the front page and the support material on the web.

In his quick presentation in the video he talks about how news spreads like wild fire. Although he touch based on these topics very briefly but with his gift of the gab, expressed it with the help of the whale example from Japan was just marvellous. A lot was said in a few well measured words.

The internet is all about ideas:

Alexis laid emphasis on the how a small idea can turn into a huge revolution on the internet. He took the example of a whale saving campaign that was started in Japan and had got only about 5% votes in its initial stages. This campaign was viewed and got a nickname “ Mr. Splashy Pants” which took off as a great idea and hit the market in various several forms such as accessories and other methods. This revolution led the votes up to a whopping 70%. The main point of the conversation was to say that social media can work wonders if it is tapped resourcefully which can get the innovative mind in people going.

Further he talks about the Playing Field which means that all links are the same for everyone and there is no cost for posting content, thanks to the great publishing tools. He also said that losing control of content is not a bad thing but is good.

This conversation has enlightened the viewers with very valuable information. The video player also has the option in the navigation toolbar to set the subtitles to your preferred language in case you are not very comfortable with english.

Video – Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

(filmed at TED India 2009 conference)

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