outbrain.com Reason Behind Outbrain’s Formation

Content marketing has bombarded the entire internet with thousands of articles, blogs, interesting graphics and etc. People are trying different strategies to stand out in this hypercompetitive environment. Every business and individual wants to be conspicuous in the internet world, so that more and more people can reach and read its interesting content.

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain has provided solution to fulfill the need of businesses and people of becoming more visible and more prominent over the internet. Outbrain calls itself as a content discovery platform, which help people to engage with their audience and also in amplifying their content.

Outbrain’s Functionality

Outbrain provides the personalized content suggestion to the people by browsing their habits. Outbrain displays the best content of one’s website, ultimately helping the business to increase page views and visitor’s time spent on its website. Outbrain has crafted a special reporting dashboard for its users, to help them in learning about their most clicked and highest performing content, in a single glance.

‘Outbrain Amplify’ also helps people, in making their content, easily discoverable. Outbrain has done this, by recommending contents on the website of big online content publishers like: Wall Street Journal, People.com and Reuters.

Outbrain has more than 200 employees on board. They are adding new and talented people at the regular intervals to the team to make this venture more successful. Recently in December, 2012, Outbrain has acquired ‘Scribit’ i.e. a content curating platform.

Yaron Galai – The Man Behind Outbrain

Yaron Galai, is the co-founder and CEO of Outbrain. Before, starting Outbrain Yaron used to work as a SVP for Quigo, Inc., as VP for Ad4ever and also founded Networks Web Designs. He went to Holon Technological Institute and studied industrial design.  He has also rendered his services to Israel’s navy as a reserve major.

If interested in learning more about Yaron Galai’s life and Outbrain, watch the video attached below.

Video: Outbrain.com and It’s Co-founder – Yaron Galai
(First released in Nov, 2011)

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